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In our car showroom, Qazaq Motors Almaty, we provide Trade-in - a service for accepting an old car against the purchase of a new one, which can significantly reduce the price of goods. As a result, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of the client when buying a car, it will become much easier for the buyer to update the car. Trade-in services are provided by a car dealership.
It is important to note that not all cars are accepted by Trade-in. Their list is determined by the dealer. Trade-in is actually an exchange of an old car for a new one with a surcharge. This is beneficial, first of all, to the client - he is not burdened with a deal to sell an old car when buying a new one. That’s why, the buyer is offered to hand over a used vehicle and get a discount.

Its size depends on:
  • internal policy of the dealer;
  • car condition;
  • vehicle type and characteristics.

If even taking into account the discount, the client does not have enough money to purchase a car, you can get a car loan. In this case, the amount received for the transfer of the old car to the car dealership will be used to pay the first installment of the loan.

The buyer receives obvious benefits from participation in this program:
  1. Significant time savings.
  2. The buyer does not need to prepare his old car for sale.
  3. The car dealership independently performs all the necessary operations.
  4. The deal is processed very quickly, it is quite possible to complete the procedure of buying and selling on the same day. Legal purity of documents is guaranteed.
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